Eating Healthily

So I’ve been thinking about changing my diet for some time now. But there seems to be so many different ways of eating that I just didn’t know what to think.

Until the other day I watched a documentary, which has scared me into action.

To be honest I have watch all the vegan diet and juicing documentaries there are. I’ve read so many success stories about losing weight and feeling better and it just wasn’t enough to pry me away from donuts and sweeties.

But then this documentary explained all sorts of scientific experiments that had been done on humans to see how bad food affects the body. And it turns out that processed food and meat products damage these specific cells (can’t remember what they are called). But these cells are responsible for keeping us well and if they’re damaged they can be responsible for heaps of illnesses.

Part of the experiment was to take the testees through a few weeks on and off unprocessed diets. What they found was that AS SOON as they started eating well again, these cells started to repair themselves.

They also said that 80% of all illnesses could be eliminated if everyone stopped eating these foods.

I personally, really hate being ill. It’s something that I’ve spent a lot of my life being. And quite frankly, I don’t want to be ill, or die because I didn’t look after my body.

Unfortunately for me this means coming out of the cave that is my comfort zone and having to step outside and try new things.

I tried avocado the other day. I was fairly underwhelmed to be honest. Although it’s easy to put in a salad as I can’t really taste it.

Also, to further the idea in my head that this works I can look at my Grandma’s story. She was a size 20, 8 months ago and is now a size 12. This is partially due to having a personal trainer. But it also because she has started eating all clean food. And her arthritis in her hip doesn’t even bother her half as much as it used to. All because she ate clean and went 3 times a week to the gym. I went to the gym with her a few weeks back and saw her running which is something that even she thought she couldn’t do anymore.

I have already tried to make a difference to what I’m consuming and when I can, I do try and choose the healthier option. However, I don’t want to go on a two week health binge and then not be able to keep it up and then just feel awful at the end of it. I want this to become a lifestyle – taking care of myself. Going to the gym, eating clean, and feeling better for it.



Vocal Warm up and Excercises

Woke up this morning not feeling too well. Today just has an atmosphere of winter about it. Anyways i have a really light cold.

Practiced some vocal exercises from ‘Singing and the Actor’. Particularly breath control exercises. I feel these exercises getting easier but not as much as they should have. I really need to pull my socks up and stop being so afraid of doing anything. My anxiety gets in my way so often and I am really doing everything I can to overcome it but it’s proving fairly difficult for me. I desperately need to have better support when singing otherwise I’ll never even get on the west end stage.

Also did a warm up that I found on YouTube. Tried to practice singing but my voice is just not there today.


  • Fly, Fly away – Catch me if you can

This could be a good audition song for me as i can reach all the notes just have to work on the strength behind it, and the timing to the backing track thats on youtube as it seems a little fast to me.




Introducing the etudes


-Devised after the revolution

-Mikhail Gnesin taught musicality, Meyerhold taught Movement, Vladmir Soloviev taught commedia dell’ arte.

Original etude titles:

  • Leap on the back
  • Slap on the face
  • Blow the nose
  • Juggling
  • Playing with a stick
  • Horses
  • The Fool

1938 – Meyerholds theatre was shut down. He was imprisoned and finally executed. His name was erased from all theatre documents.

1970’s- Became possible to talk about Biomechanics again. Nikolai Kustov at the theatre of Satire in the 1970’s, began teaching biomechanics to a small group.

What kinds if images came to mind when you look at these? What sort of theatre was Meyerhold devising with this kind of training? If you were to break down one of the etudes into separate actions, what would those actions look like?

This kind of reminds me of melodrama as the emphasis is on the movement. It also reminds me of mime as the spectator was encouraged to use their own imagination.

Biomechanics has a strong emphasis on rhythm which makes me think of melodrama again as it is almost like a choreographed dance. Meyerhold was clearly trying to create a physical form of theatre that looks at physicality, expression and rhythm. With Meyerhold’s work he didn’t care about making his audience believe it was real – in face he embraced the idea of the ‘theatre as a construct’.

The Slap’ etude: An Overview

-Its a pair etdue – Designated active and passive roles – Roles swap halfway through etude so no heirachy or agressor

-Active actor on the right at the start then swaps to the actor on the left

Personally, I think that the etude provides physical control and flexibility. The movement i almost reminiscient of martial arts but with the added element of emotion. Actors would have to be operating in perfect harmony for their etude to be symmetrical , balanced and complementary. This etude is very dancy.






Method Acting

“method acting
noun: method acting
  1. a technique of acting in which an actor aspires to complete emotional identification with a part, based on the system evolved by Stanislavsky and brought into prominence in the US in the 1930s. Method acting was developed by Elia Kazan and Lee Strasberg in particular, and is associated with actors such as Marlon Brando and Dustin Hoffman.”

I feel like I need a major reawakening when it comes to acting and theatre. As it is my strongest skill I feel like I have neglected it a little over the last few years. My goal is to gain a better understanding of method acting and why it’s so popular. I also plan to refresh my knowledge on other styles of acting and theatre, and learn of some new techniques.

Today, I am starting with Method Acting. This style of acting has become super popular in Hollywood so I thought this would be an excellent place to start.

Jared Leto here talks about how he uses Method Acting to stay ‘incredibly focused, and committed, and concentrated, its a way to shut everything else out and to prioritise what’s important.” He also mentions that, at the end of the day “am I able to contribute to this story, do people believe in the character, does the character touch people? And I would hope that the answers would be yes.”

This is the man who teaches Method Acting. “the living presence of the actor means that you are creating art with the same means that you create life.” In this video you can see Strasberg working with some of his students and some of is ideologies are clear.

I have started to Google actors and their stories on how they prepare for a role, specifically looking at method acting. I feel like this will be a really good way to get a sense of what they are tying to achieve by using method acting and gives an idea of the kind of things they’d do to prepare for a role.