Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 27th – Joined the gym, free access to swimming pool! (Hooray) Also am considering joining a yoga class to help me with my stretching and strength. Also practiced singing. I’ve noticed that it feels a little easier getting that clarity of voice and its starting to happen the first time I try. I feel like I’m getting used to anchoring ‘fannyland’ and facially anchoring. I feel like the sound is more free and that I can do more with it when its not all constricted and/or ill. I love not being ill. I never want to be as ill as I was last year ever again.

Sunday 28th – Went to the gym for an hour and a half. 30 Minutes interval training on the treadmill. Worked with a medicine ball. Leg raises. Deadlifts.

Monday 29th – Didn’t go to the gym but spent a few hours jumping and dancing around with my little sisters. Worked up a sweat. Sweat = exercise.


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