Sarah Harding ‘Ghost: The Musical’

So recently I’ve been getting to know ‘Ghost: The Musical’ quite a bit. And I have completely fallen in love with the song ‘With You’.

However, I listened to Sarah Harding’s version of ‘With You’ on Youtube and it’s really illustrated how bad decisions and bad vocal technique can destroy a song. I’m not normally one to try and pick out mistakes in a particular individuals performance. However, I feel like this would be a good opportunity to reflect on what I have learnt over the years and think about how I would have done it differently.

Firstly, if I could reach a specific note but just wasn’t getting the melody then I would have take recordings and memorised the note progression. I noticed that on the line “everyone says that it’s all in my head” she sang a steady upwards progression of notes. This left it feeling emotionless and the song didn’t reach the emotional climax like it should have. Especially in a musical like this, emotion is so so important. The audience want you to open your heart and soul up to them and deliver an excellent performance; a heart breaking performance. Which is what it should have been.

Secondly, I would do less whining. Seriously. Every word she sang was whiney; she’d slide through almost every note apart from ‘took’. And she totally over-emphasised  the word ‘took’. Which was very hard to listen to. Personally, when I get a new song to work on for myself, I mark out good places to take a breath, what words to emphasise, and what emotion the character would be feeling.

That way I can clearly map out a plan for each song. This way even if I change the emotions from pain to anger for example, I still have a clear document with good places to breathe and a good structure of emphasis and depreciation. Knowing what to emphasise to tell a good story is, in my opinion, very important in theatre. People flood from near and far for the story; not the person (in most cases) as Sarah Harding’s case has proven.

Personally, I think employing a girls aloud singer was a bad move as the singer is used to auto tune and getting to choose the best out of 20 tracks to use. The theatre is live, and unforgiving. Good technique is a basic requirement. Put it this way, if she wasn’t in girls aloud she would not have been considered for the role at all. So I think it’s a massive error on the casting teams behalf. The idea of having a famous name is all well and good but when they don’t deliver, and often they don’t, (in my opinion, David Walliams, for example, in ‘A Mid Summer Nights Dream’ was just poor), it can become a major problem for a production. This has been highlighted with Harding’s case as, after some of the reviews, theatre goers decided to not even show up, and many many more were disappointed.

Considering people pay good money to come and see a show, and tickets aren’t cheap, a certain standard is expected. This standard clearly wasn’t fulfilled and this situation could have been prevented.

I dread to think about the rest of the performance and what it was like.


Just an idea

I’ve had an idea for the second year choreography project. It’s a topic that’s pretty familiar with me to be honest.

Song: Mockingbird – Eminem

Length: 4:18

Topic: Telling the story of a broken home. Family dynamics within that. The struggles, the fights etc. But also the parenting that is split between two people. The struggle of growing up in a broken home etc.

More ideas to come.



Went to the gym last night. Did half an hour of running. Occasionally changed the incline and the speed. Went up to 8.8 (speed) and 1.5 (incline). Didn’t feel too well so went home after that. It’s gonna be pretty hard to get an hour one after work as I don’t get home til 7, and I have to make sure I can have a shower before everyone goes to sleep as it’s quite noisy in the room next to the bathroom.

I feel like half an hour on a weekday is a pretty good achievement.

Also did a few minutes of singing. Couldn’t really make any progress but I feel that doing small bits of practice in between times where I can dedicate a whole hour to it kind of solidifies what I have done recently and just helps a little to make that clarity and strength more accessible.



Read ‘The Adding Machine’: http://www.whatsonstage.com/london-theatre/news/full-casting-announced-adding-machine-the-musical_41645.html

Read ‘The Lodge’ : http://variety.com/2016/tv/news/disney-channel-the-lodge-series-1201846877/       -> My little sisters will love this. May watch it with them.

Read ‘Anastasia: the Musical’: http://www.ew.com/article/2016/08/30/anastasia-broadway-musical-new-artwork


Splits Progress

I’ve always found stretching a bit of a chore that I didn’t really want to do. However, it’s something I need to do and therefore I want to want to do it.

So after the gym the other day I did some stretching and this is how far I got down into my splits. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to get down into splits on this side. Then I’ll have to work on splits on the other side and then the dreaded box split.

I started to notice some improvement on my box splits towards the end of last year but honestly I haven’t kept it up. So I now need to basically start again. 


Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 27th – Joined the gym, free access to swimming pool! (Hooray) Also am considering joining a yoga class to help me with my stretching and strength. Also practiced singing. I’ve noticed that it feels a little easier getting that clarity of voice and its starting to happen the first time I try. I feel like I’m getting used to anchoring ‘fannyland’ and facially anchoring. I feel like the sound is more free and that I can do more with it when its not all constricted and/or ill. I love not being ill. I never want to be as ill as I was last year ever again.

Sunday 28th – Went to the gym for an hour and a half. 30 Minutes interval training on the treadmill. Worked with a medicine ball. Leg raises. Deadlifts.

Monday 29th – Didn’t go to the gym but spent a few hours jumping and dancing around with my little sisters. Worked up a sweat. Sweat = exercise.