Eating Healthily

So I’ve been thinking about changing my diet for some time now. But there seems to be so many different ways of eating that I just didn’t know what to think.

Until the other day I watched a documentary, which has scared me into action.

To be honest I have watch all the vegan diet and juicing documentaries there are. I’ve read so many success stories about losing weight and feeling better and it just wasn’t enough to pry me away from donuts and sweeties.

But then this documentary explained all sorts of scientific experiments that had been done on humans to see how bad food affects the body. And it turns out that processed food and meat products damage these specific cells (can’t remember what they are called). But these cells are responsible for keeping us well and if they’re damaged they can be responsible for heaps of illnesses.

Part of the experiment was to take the testees through a few weeks on and off unprocessed diets. What they found was that AS SOON as they started eating well again, these cells started to repair themselves.

They also said that 80% of all illnesses could be eliminated if everyone stopped eating these foods.

I personally, really hate being ill. It’s something that I’ve spent a lot of my life being. And quite frankly, I don’t want to be ill, or die because I didn’t look after my body.

Unfortunately for me this means coming out of the cave that is my comfort zone and having to step outside and try new things.

I tried avocado the other day. I was fairly underwhelmed to be honest. Although it’s easy to put in a salad as I can’t really taste it.

Also, to further the idea in my head that this works I can look at my Grandma’s story. She was a size 20, 8 months ago and is now a size 12. This is partially due to having a personal trainer. But it also because she has started eating all clean food. And her arthritis in her hip doesn’t even bother her half as much as it used to. All because she ate clean and went 3 times a week to the gym. I went to the gym with her a few weeks back and saw her running which is something that even she thought she couldn’t do anymore.

I have already tried to make a difference to what I’m consuming and when I can, I do try and choose the healthier option. However, I don’t want to go on a two week health binge and then not be able to keep it up and then just feel awful at the end of it. I want this to become a lifestyle – taking care of myself. Going to the gym, eating clean, and feeling better for it.