Went to the gym last night. Did half an hour of running. Occasionally changed the incline and the speed. Went up to 8.8 (speed) and 1.5 (incline). Didn’t feel too well so went home after that. It’s gonna be pretty hard to get an hour one after work as I don’t get home til 7, and I have to make sure I can have a shower before everyone goes to sleep as it’s quite noisy in the room next to the bathroom.

I feel like half an hour on a weekday is a pretty good achievement.

Also did a few minutes of singing. Couldn’t really make any progress but I feel that doing small bits of practice in between times where I can dedicate a whole hour to it kind of solidifies what I have done recently and just helps a little to make that clarity and strength more accessible.


Bank Holiday Weekend

Saturday 27th – Joined the gym, free access to swimming pool! (Hooray) Also am considering joining a yoga class to help me with my stretching and strength. Also practiced singing. I’ve noticed that it feels a little easier getting that clarity of voice and its starting to happen the first time I try. I feel like I’m getting used to anchoring ‘fannyland’ and facially anchoring. I feel like the sound is more free and that I can do more with it when its not all constricted and/or ill. I love not being ill. I never want to be as ill as I was last year ever again.

Sunday 28th – Went to the gym for an hour and a half. 30 Minutes interval training on the treadmill. Worked with a medicine ball. Leg raises. Deadlifts.

Monday 29th – Didn’t go to the gym but spent a few hours jumping and dancing around with my little sisters. Worked up a sweat. Sweat = exercise.